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Commercial Automation Solutions

SimpliMation’s custom commercial automation solutions have enabled businesses to spread their wings and soar into the digital age. Our solutions will maximise the comfort and convenience of your working space, allowing you and your team to focus on the core of your business while everything else takes care of itself.

We have seen automation spread its innovation in countless commercial spaces. There is always the option to start a system in one or a few small areas, but we’re certain that once the potential is unleashed, the desire for more smart devices will grow right alongside it. A commercial automation system makes it possible for almost everything in your office, hotel room, or restaurant. From optimising how teams work together to creating an atmosphere with smart thermostats and automatic lighting, all whilst keeping everything conveniently, reliably safe with smart security.

Audio Visual and Conferencing

Smart technology helps your team stay on track and avoid delays by giving you sophisticated yet simple controls everyone can use. Today’s boardroom or conference room needs the efficiency, productivity, and elegance of the most up-to-date systems modern technology has to offer. Conduct meetings, brainstorming sessions and more with a single easy-to-use touch device to control the room for multi-media presentations or video conferencing.

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Lighting & Shading

As certified installers of various premium lighting systems, we ensure that you’ll experience the full benefits of automated, responsive smart lighting and shading.

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HVAC Control & Monitoring

Maximise energy efficiency, comfort and facility management with scalable building automation systems and connectivity solutions. Whether you're designing for energy management, environmental concerns, analytics or more, count on SimpliMation’s solutions to help you meet today's building control challenges.

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Smart Glass

Smart Glass or Switchable Glass allows glass to change from transparent to varying degrees of opaque on demand for privacy, custom shading, solar control, and transparent displays. Simply put: we make your glass intelligent.

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A central component of a business is a security and surveillance system. It’s essential to protect all of your assets; from important documents and equipment, to the people who walk in and out on a daily basis.

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Smart Boardrooms

With simple integration with Microsoft Outlook and any other personal information management systems, teams will easily be able to navigate the smart boardroom. Some of these smart features include aircons automatically switching on when a person is detected by sensors, blinds being automatically closed or opened, having a custom “meeting mode” to suit your custom preferences and much more. With these features, people can focus on their priorities and work more smoothly.

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Smart Office Spaces

SimpliMation is assisting in the evolution of smarter spaces by offering unparalleled tech solutions that enhance user experiences and support business goals, including the goals to go greener. Our fully integrated smart solutions will help you maximise usage, improve efficiency and encourage collaboration by creating a dynamic workplace environment.

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