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January 26, 2021
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September 13, 2021
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Benefits of home schooling provided by automation.


It is important now more than ever that our children proceed with their schooling whether it be going into smaller regulated classes or doing any form of online classes.

Luckily, Automation in the Residential space has you covered. Not only are you able to monitor your child’s network footprint with smart networking, but you are able to schedule certain actions to be carried out at certain times of the day.


Our Children, Our Future.


Why Automate?

  • A class is required to be carried out at 8am? No problem, the lights throughout certain areas of the house may be set to flicker repeatedly from 7:50am to 7:55am to alert you that it’s time for your child to attend the class.
  • Away from the home and want to be notified just before the class starts? No issues, notifications can be set to alert you on your mobile device on a set time, every day.
  • Need a more personal touch? How about a video call from your mobile device to any Touchscreen located in any room within your house, with visual and audio feedback you can view and monitor that your child is attending the class.


Comfort and Convenience knowing that your automation system has you covered. SimpliMation scheduling is often changed to adapt to certain situations, with the power of your system, it can be easily done. The benefits of an automation system will help control what your child does during these stressful schooling times and ensure you that they do not fall behind on any work being done.