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Waterfall City Wyrestorm Audio Visual Distribution
October 24, 2019
Bloom Coffee Shop - Parkhurst Monitor Audio and HEOS AMP
Bloom Coffee Shop in Parkhurst
October 17, 2019
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Powerful and Elegant Monitor Audio Home Cinema

This Monitor Audio Home Cinema in Eagle Canyon Golf Estate features the power and elegance we come to expect from Monitor Audio and the simplicity of COntrol4 Integration. All the curtains, HVAC systems, lights, LED RGB, projector, screen and TV are controlled by Control4.
The Cinema Room consists of:
Monitor Audio C265IDC x 4 - ATMOS Monitor Audio SILVER RX8 Monitor Audio Fronts - Silver RX8 Monitor Audio Centre - Silver RX Centre Monitor Audio Rear - Silver RX 1 Monitor Audio Surround - Silver RXFX Sub 1 Monitor Audio Gold GXW 15 Sub 2 Monitor Audio Gold GXW 15 AMP - Yamaha Rxa 3060 AMP - NAD M27 Projector - Epson Eh TW 9200 133" Motorised Projector Screen 85" Samsung Smart TV 4K Resolutions Custom-built speaker stands

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