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Smart Home Systems and Solutions

SimpliMation gives homeowners access to the luxury of convenient technology of a smart home system that manages their living space securely and practically. Our methodologies for home automation installations can be measured against international standards, while our services are innovative and proactive, to harness the full potential of our systems. We can retrofit tailor-made solutions or provide them off-plan.

Audio Visual

SimpliMation specialises in audio visual (AV) multi-room distribution. We also design and install home theatre systems, from smaller 2.1 stereo systems, to 9.1.2 giants and beyond. We offer complete AV solutions; from small apartments to medium and large homes, offices, or retail centres. Our top multiroom audio systems will suit the most discerning of tastes with exquisite sound and seamless integration. Multi-room systems allow you to listen to music and / or watch screens in any number of rooms.

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Home Automation

Implement and program your system to run automatically based on your daily routine. Control lights, audio and electrical devices and HVAC systems automatically or individually with an elegant keypad, smartphone or tablet. Our automation solutions don’t have to break the bank; start small, room by room and expand from there. Your comfort, safety, security and convenience are all at the heart of a user-friendly system.

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Home Cinemas

Turn your home into a full-on cinema experience. Without setting foot outside your door, enjoy movie-theatre-quality image and sound with a custom home theatre system. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, we also equip pyjama lounges and media rooms – there are no limits for these remarkable devices.

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HVAC Systems and Smart Energy

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) control will ensure that your home is the perfect temperature, whilst limiting the environmental impact. One button can set your space on “Away Mode” to ensure greater overall energy saving. SimpliMation is focused on sustainability and efficiency, and we care for eco-friendlier, smart solutions.

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Smart Lighitng Systems and Custom Motorized Shades

Automated, responsive lighting and shading creates amazing ambient moodscapes. As certified installers of multiple brands of lighting systems (including Lutron and Control4) we ensure you enjoy unparalleled quality, and un-equalled control over the look and feel of your home lighting.

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Smart Home Network & Wi-Fi

From maintaining a comfortable temperature to streaming music and movies and even keeping our homes safe and secure, there is an ever-growing ecosystem of products on which we rely that are becoming smarter and more sophisticated.

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Home Security

SimpliMation can advise and assist you in design and installation of effective security systems. Whether you need stand-alone security or fully integrated security, such as access control, IP cameras and intercom systems, we can design and install quality Security equipment.

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Service & Maintenance Plans

We care for the systems that we install, and ensure that our customers have more than enough support on call once the project is complete. Whether it’s a home security system, home theatre or full smart home automation, SimpliMation’s service and maintenance plan ensures that every aspect of your system is up-to-date and fully functional.

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Smart Glass

Smart Glass or Switchable Glass allows glass to change from transparent to varying degrees of opaque on demand for privacy, custom shading, solar control, and transparent displays. Simply put: we make your glass intelligent.

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