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Benefits of home schooling provided by automation.
June 29, 2021
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What makes a smart home, smart?


By its very definition a smart home is a home system that entails lighting, heating, A/V integration and electronic devices that provide comfort and convenience such as blinds and/or cooling systems in said smart home. Devices that use the same control platform often streamline the user experience to provide the best quality of life within your home. Smart houses are becoming the norm as residential automation systems throughout the world are becoming easily accessible to the masses.


Voice Control.

A very popular and up and coming control solution for these smart homes would be voice control. Using devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, to name the most popular.

A multitude of voice control devices.

High-End Control Systems throughout the world are now incorporating these devices into their control platforms to enable full control of smart home systems with said voice control.

Smart Device Applications.

It’s no surprise that the most popular user interface device would be your portable smart device, as these devices have become a staple within society. From the smallest to the largest of systems, you can count on any control platform having access to their own application to enable the user to control the devices found in their smart home.

Control4 User Interface.

As we rely heavily on our cellular devices for day-to-day activity, whether it be for work or pleasure it only makes sense that we should be able to control all our devices within the home with it, right?



As we enter the age of streaming its crucial to have the infrastructure needed to fulfill the needs of these smart home solutions. We at SimpliMation can safely say that the most requested requirement from our end-users is that of A/V integration. Whether it be dedicated areas such as home cinema, gaming or media rooms, to distributed systems which entail multi-room streaming of video or audio content.